Citroen Passenger Side, Rear and Front to Rear Pipework Kit


Copper Brake Pipe with Rubber Flexible Pipe

Passenger Side Rear / Front to Rear

PASSENGER SIDE - Replacement of entire brake line for the Passenger Side.

Front to rear copper line including rear arm line and flexible hose. This is for the main line which runs from the 4 way union on the front bulkhead to the rear. Also included is the flexible brake hose and the hard line from the flexible hose to the rear brake cylinder position.

Please Note: I have replaced these lines myself, so I know how to do the job practically and effectively. The line which runs from the front 4 way union can be difficult, but it can be done.

The old line which runs into the flexible hose has a low rate of being released so it may need cutting off. The line from the flexible hose to the rear cylinder also has a low rate of being released. It's simply down to rust which makes solid joints.

These 3 replacement components make the job so much easier. This is a common weakness on the Citroen C1 due to the position of pipes at the rear of the car which is where all that crud collects.

Important Note: The pipes for the driver / passenger side are different lengths in their entirety.

Please be aware this is from the 4 way union on the bulkhead (Please contact me for clarification where to find this if you're unsure).

Vehicle/s: Citroen C1 - 2005 to 2014

Part Number/s: ADLADT353332C

Quantity Supplied: 2 Copper Brake Pipes, 1 Flexible Hose