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If you see us out and about in our Midget, give us a wave.

It all started with an expensive garage bill

Neil Richmond's first car was a Classic Mini 1000, L reg and it was his pride and joy. But after going over a pot hole and a subsequent garage visit, he was presented with an expensive bill and for a 17 year old £140 was a lot of money back in the 1980s. From then on, Neil decided to carry out his own maintenance and save some money in the process. This decision lead to many classic car rebuilds including his vermillion red MG Midget (it's orange).

About Us

1960 Classic Morris Mini Minor on show at the NEC in Birmingham

Motor Show Pride

In 1989 Neil had his first fully restored 1960 Classic Morris Mini Minor on show at the NEC in Birmingham and it was a sight to behold. The hard work definitely paid off. There were lots of admirers on the day and Neil only sold this lovely little car due to work commitments abroad.

After working as a Class 1 HGV Driver for a good number of years, Neil finally decided to work for himself, selling classic car parts. Today, Neil is happy to pass on his knowledge to other enthusiasts whilst doing a job that he loves and it's a family affair too, with his wife Jacqui taking charge of the office side of the business along with the packing and the coffee making.

Some Before and After Pictures

We thought you might like to see some before and after pictures of our past and present cars. Neil was very dedicated when working on his projects and some took longer than others. He could be missing for months! They were all special in their own way but the one we decided to keep was the MG Midget, and it's great fun and still turns lots of heads when out on the road.

So when we say we have experience in selling classic car parts, we also have experience in fitting them to our own classics too and that's the important bit!

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Triumph GT6 Project

Triumph GT6 - Work Completed by Neil

MG Midget Project

MG Midget - Work Completed by Neil

Classic Morris Mini Minor Project

Classic Morris Mini Minor - Work Completed by Neil

Classic Mini Cooper Project

Classic Mini Cooper that we named TAZ - Work Completed by Neil

Triumph GT6 - YCB 483M

It has come to our attention that the GT6 is presently being advertised for sale and as Neil's ownership of the car is mentioned in some detail, it is important to clarify a few things:

Neil sold the GT6 in 2013 and is therefore not responsible for alterations made to the car after that date. Prior to this, Neil had completed a nut and bolt re-build with every detail thought of, which in turn gave him and Jacqui many years of happy motoring.

It's worth mentioning that we had the brake master servo fitted, and Neil hates underseal so never uses it!

Below are photos of the GT6 before it left us: