Citroen C1 Replacement Copper Brake Lines


6 Copper Brake Pipes

To replace corroded steel pipes with copper so no rusting.

Steel lines will rust through eventually. The protective plastic sheath on the lines can break away and does not cover all the lines to the end, so copper is a good way to ensure an NCT pass on your brake lines.

1 Kit to include the following:

  • The 2 front to rear lines run from the 4 way front brake union on the bulkhead to the rear flexible hose.
  • The 2 lines from the flexible hose to the rear wheel cylinder position (across the trailing arm).
  • The 2 front lines each run from the ABS unit to each flexible hose position under the front wheel arch.

Vehicle/s: Citroen C1 - 2005 to 2014
Part Number/s: /
Quantity Supplied: 6 Copper Brake Pipes