Classic Mini Front & Rear Subframe Rubber Bush Kit - 1976 onwards


Rubber Bushes

A Comprehensive Kit

Perfect for the enthusiast, complete with approximately 135 hardware piece fitting kit.

Fittings: All nuts, bolts and washers required for the parts described.
Eradicates the need to fit old parts or search for new hardware to fit.
This is an all in one kit ready to go.

Also comes with a description chart taking away the need to guess which parts fit where.

This kit covers 95% of the Classic Mini Bushes and re-fittings.
Additionally, uses the soft and harder bushes with softer bushes for lower tie bars.
The advantage here is that this prevents brake weaving.

British manufactured parts.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini - Years 1974/5 onwards.
The early Mini did not have as many bushes. Contact us for details on early fitting kits.

Part Number/s:
Tie Bar Bushes 31G1155
Bump Stops FAM2764
Top Steady Arm Bushes CRC5329

Rebound Buffers 2A4267
Rear Subframe Bushes 21A2500 & 2A5818
Pear Drop Mounts 21A2624
Rebound Buffers 2A4267

Subframe to Floor Mounts 21A2599
Tower Bolt Bushes KGE100050 - KGE100060

Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit as detailed in the description and photo.