Classic Mini Engine Steady Rubber Bushes - Upper & Lower - CRC5329


Rubber Bushes

Complete with Bolt Pack and Inserts

Replacement bushes to service both top and bottom engine stabiliser (2 Arms).
For the top engine block position.
Lower offside front engine steady stabiliser.

Comes complete with bolt pack to replace worn ridged bolts and inserts.

Ideal replacement for worn out rubber components and fittings.
Suitable as a general service item or after a rebuild.

Manufactured in the UK - Hard wearing and long lasting.
Helps prevent the carburetter knocking against the bulkhead.

Additionally, kind to the lower engine mounts and kind to your exhaust to reduce fractures.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini
Part Number/s: CRC5329, BH505181, SH505051, GHF332, BH605151, GHF333, GHF201, BH606181, PWZ306.
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit as detailed in the description and photo.