Classic Mini Ball Joint Replacement Nut, Washer and Shims Pack FNZ507, 2A4242


12 Shims included

Complete with ball joint shim kit - 12 Shims.
4 x 003" 4 x 005" 4 x 010" or .076mm .127mm .254mm

Will allow for the adjustment on a full set of 4.
You will always need ball joint shims if you own a Classic Mini.

Allows adjustment on ball joints and eradicates the need to re-fit rusty hardware on freshly adjusted ball joints.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini
Part Number/s: FNZ507, GHF334, 2A4242.
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit to include: 4 Nuts, 4 Washers, 12 Shims.