Classic Mini Engine Steady Replacement Bolt Pack


These bolts go through a lot of stress and the threads WILL become damaged over time.
These bolts take a lot of torque and work.

To avoid snapping the bolts, especially the longer one, which is next to the water jacket,
it is advisable to replace them with new bolts. Additionally, the top bolt will make a cutting action against the top brake / clutch bracket causing wear.

New zinc plated bolts also help against corrosion, resulting in less wear.
These can also help in eradicating exhaust pipe / manifold fracture.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini - All Models, Riley Elf, Wolsley Hornet, Mini Moke, HL, HLE, Woody, Cooper.
Part Number/s: BH605151, SH505151, BH606181, GHF332, GHF302.
Quantity Supplied: 3 Bolts, 1 Nut, 5 washers.