Morris Minor Water Pump with Bypass Hose, Thermostat, Radiator Cap Kit GWP134


A great all-in-one kit

Please Note: This water pump will not fit the 803cc Model Morris Minor and I have no access to purchase stock due to an exchange basis for this type of water pump.

This water pump has the larger impeller and is cast iron and not stamped steel unlike some cheaper aftermarket items. This allows more fluid to be pumped around the system.

Vehicle/s: Morris Minor
Part Number/s: GWP134, GZA2083, GHF201, GHF301, GHF332
Quantity Supplied: 1 Thermostat 82 Degree - Housing Not Supplied with this Kit, 1 Thermostat Gasket, 1 Radiator Cap, 1 Water Pump GWP134 (with Bypass Facility) with Gasket, 1 Bypass Hose with Clips, 3 Studs, Washers and Nuts