Classic Mini Small Bore Top End Engine Gasket Set AJM1250EVA


Genuine Rover

This set includes: Single sided Copper head gasket, valve cover gasket, aluminium composite bodied manifold gasket, thermostat gasket, heater tap gasket, 3 x HS4 carburetter gaskets, 3 x HS2 carburetter gaskets, 3 x HIF44 carburetter gaskets, 1 x HS2 air cleaner to carb body gasket, 1 x air cleaner to HS4 carb body gasket and 1 x HIFF44 air filter to carb gasket and 8 x valve stem seals.

This is a genuine Rover head gasket set. The sleeve is marked ROVER

A Quality head gasket set with all SU carburetter gasket choices, using the popular cork thermostat gasket, not a slim paper alternative.

These are a little more expensive than your average head gasket cylinder kits, but offer better value, quality and longevity.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini 850, 997, 998, 1098
Part Number/s: AJM1250EVA
Quantity Supplied: 1 Set