Classic Mini Rear Radius Arms, Complete and Built Up - NAM7162, NAM7163


Quality parts

Ready to fit

COLLECTION ONLY due to the weight of each arm (9.5kg).
Payment to be made through Paypal as normal.

Classic Mini rear radius arms - rebuilt - new pins and bushes.
These are for the Classic Mini with dry suspension.

The arms have been fully stripped, rebuilt and painted in 2K paint.

Other New Parts:

  • Back plates with wheel cylinders.
  • AP brake hoses with cupro nickel lines.
  • Replacement brake adjusters with tappets, Mintex brake shoes, springs and gaskets.
  • Replacement knuckle joints supplied, clevis pins for handbrake cable re-attachment.
  • Replacement handbrake cable clevis pins, handbrake levers with rubber boots, handbrake brackets.

There are no drums as this is a new owners preferred choice (Drum or Minifins not supplied).
Rebuilt with quality replacement parts, not cheap or inferior.
Matched radius arms with matched rear hubs.

This is the same specification as used on our previous complete subframe builds.
Same units supplied by leading Mini suppliers are €575.00 per complete arm without any postage.
Some suppliers also charge a surcharge until old units are returned, we do not.

Supplied with long studs.

Ready to fit.

Service sheet supplied detailing wheel bearing and fitment checks to be carried out.
Normal after the first 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 miles of driving, despatched with replacement split pins for rear hub adjustments.

Important Information:

We do not want your old arms and no discount is available.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini - All models 1959 to 2000

Part Number/s: NAM7162, NAM7163, 21A2023, RLH10021, ATB4098, GSV1125, 21A1058, 21A1060, CLZ513, GHF502, 21A1669, 21A1670, GWC1102, GBS834AF, 17H7621, 17H8092, 17H8057, GHS227, 17H7619, 17H7618, 17H7949, GHF103, GHF332, GHF201.

Quantity Supplied: 1 pair of radius arms with hubs and brakes with ancillaries as outlined in the above description.