Triumph Spitfire 1500 Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Kit - GHF205, GSY103


To replace worn out and leaking clutch slave and master cylinders.
Complete with a push rod, clevis pins and bolt fittings.
Your existing push rod could be worn down alongside the clevis pin being ridged.

Copper feed line to replace old steel line. Over time the steel line picks up condensation and can rust internally. This can then pass to the slave cylinder and in turn will wear rubber seals.

Vehicle/s: Triumph Spitfire 1500 Models
Part Number/s: GHF205, GSY103, 13H21, SH605071, BH605181, GHF222, PJ8808, GHF332, 125217.
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit to include the following: 1 Clutch master cylinder, 1 Slave cylinder, 1 Rubber boot, 1 Slave cylinder securing bolt and nut, 2 Bolts for the master cylinder, 2 Clevis pins with washers and split pins, 1 Copper feed line.