Classic Mini Rear Subframe Fitting Kit - 1976 onwards


Rubber Bushes

Brass T-Piece

Fittings included

A comprehensive kit which includes all necessary fittings.
Eliminates the need to re-use old nuts, bolts and washers.
Fittings are BZP for a longer lasting finish.

AP Caparo flexible brake hoses and cupro nickel brake pipe with rubber bushes.

This kit contains over 70 pieces. Great Value for money.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini 1976 onwards. The rear trunnion bush changed design. We also sell the pre 76 full fitting kit (without bias valve).

Part Number/s: 21A1440, PWZ207, LNZ207, BH605101, BH605201, GHF332, 2A5818SP, GHF301, GHF222, 21A2560SP, GBH250, 3H2424, SH604091, GHF331, GHF200, GPP6AC, GPP26AC, GPP10AC, WE600101, NT606041.

Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit as detailed in the above description and photo.