Classic Mini Rear Brakes Service Kit, Flexis, Cylinders, Shoes - All Models


Copper brake pipe.

AP Caparo flexible hoses.

Classic Mini Rear Subframe Brake Pipe and Parts Kit
Complete with handbrake cable, clevis pins and split pins.

1 Copper Rear Subframe Brake Pipe Kit - 4 Pipes
1 Copper Front to Rear Pipe - This is the pipe from the pressure diff valve on the front bulkhead to the rear t-piece.

2 Flexible Rubber Hoses with Locking Washers and Nuts.
2 Brake Cylinders with Gaskets.
4 Brake Shoes.

1 Brass T-Piece with Bolt and Fittings.
Handbrake Return Springs, Handbrake Cable and Handbrake Lever Boots.

Regardless of front set up, this takes care of the rear braking section.
All specifics for the rear section are included.
Finishing the job off with a new rear section of handbrake cable.

All our brake pipe kits use flexible brake pipes which are AP Caparo.
Brake cylinders are also made in Italy.

Please Note: Bias valves are not included in this Kit.

Vehicle/s: Classic Mini with Yellow or Green Tag Master 1976 onwards (GMC167 GMC90376 NAM8540).

Part Number/s:
GPP10AC, GPP97AD, GWC1102, 37H4642, 17H7949, 17H7621, 17H8093, GBS843AF,
17H8057, GVC1034, CLZ409, GHF502.

Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit as detailed in the description and photo.