Classic Mini, Allegro, Triumph, MGB, Midget UNF / Metric Brake Unions 3/8" x 24TPI


A mixed set of unions to give a comprehensive selection.
The unions will allow 3/16" brake pipe in copper and cupro nickel.

UNF and metric unions are coloured differently so we don't mix them up:
Metric - Nickel colour
UNF - Bright zinc colour

5 UNF Male Unions - Short
5 Metric Male Unions - Short
5 UNF Male Unions - Long
5 Metric Male Unions - Long
5 UNF Female Unions

Later Classic Minis, Austin and BL Cars used a mixture of UNF and metric unions.
Later Classic Minis used both with Metric at the front end

Vehicle/s: Allegro, Classic Mini, Triumph, MGB, MG Midget
Quantity Supplied: 1 Kit